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Because I value privacy, information on this site is limited to general topics, and is just an introduction. There is more of me to discover. I welcome communication and am always looking for others with similar interests. Whether you just want to comment, say hello, get to know me better, or flame me, have at it :) I keep all mail in confidence, but will post (good and bad) criticism of the site below. Just click on this -

Thank you.

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What others think about this site 
"Enjoyed looking over your site."  -Donavon
"I just checked out your site. It is so cool."  -Janet
"Works great (even on a Mac!)  I really like the portal icon." -Kevan
"Judy passed on your website; saying it was interesting.  It was and I was impressed." -Pamela
I liked your site... And I love what you do with electricity... WOW! -Robert
I absolutely LOVED your website portals!  What software did you use to create the web pages? -Mark
      (the 'Composer' part of Netscape to build the page, and Photoshop were pretty much it. The portal graphic I did at work in a vector file and it went through a lot to get where it is - Dave)

"So, OK, I looked at your web site. Read about the new year rocket fiasco you
and some 'Mark' guy supposedly experienced. . . Yea, sure, like I really
believe you! Who in heck is that fockin' dumb?
I mean, c'mon man! You actually stood twelve feet from a fockin' bomb? Man,
you is crazy, FOO!
Hey Dave, Not bad, not bad at all. "Impresive" "Gimme your lighter, I'll
sterilize it", "Whao dude", "Well damn", "Hey, cut some of that for me",
"Did she really say that?", "I really wanna meet that friend of yours, Mark.
I think he must be real bitchin".
Probably Me. "  -Mark  (he was, as you can see, never really, well, quite the same, after that incident... -Dave)

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