Links - "Ya points yer mouse and takes yer chances."

Spud Propulsion Devices:
The Spud Gun Technology Center - the premier source on the Web for info regarding potato acceleration; links to more.

Tesla Coils :

San Joaquin Light and Power - Courtesy of yours truly and friends.
Southern California Teslathon 1999 And here also. - A great event. Pix of all manner of high voltage fun.
Southern California Teslathon 2000
Tesla List/News/Archives  - If you subscribe to this you better make a separate mailbox!
Tesla Technology Research  -( Master coil builder Bill Wysock's site - lots of big pictures,  interesting movie related things)


Skylighter - Pyro supplies; talk about a kid in a candy store! Great literature/video selection.
Dan Williams - A well-done amateur pyro's site - with tips & how-to projects :-) !
AFN (American Fireworks News) - Their 'Best of AFN' series is a must have. Lots of info, more links.

Miscellaneous :

Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine - In my experience, the best place to buy quartz on the Net.

MapaBlast - Curious about what a big A-bomb would do to your town? (who comes up with this stuff?)

Battlebots - Radio controlled homemade 'bots battle it out on Comedy Central. This is their site.

Gates Brothers Rocketry - HUGE model rockets - take a ride via on-board video! What a rush! Warning: Big images/files, works best with DSL or cable modem.

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