Likes - Not in any particular order, and surely an incomplete list.
Colors:  First, deep blue-green, blue and purple. Second, deep green, red. Third, gold and/or silver in combination with any deep color. Fourth, earth tones. Then the rest. I like black, too, though it is the absence of light and color.

Foods:  Stews. Chinese. Homemade burgers. Any kind of fruit. Cereal. Fajitas. Artichokes. Good country breakfasts.

Brews and booze: I drink for enjoyment, not for effect. Any microbrew lager or ale. Good rum and tequila. Some liqueurs.

Music: Top of the list: Alphaville/Marian Gold ( I like his voice). Here are the words to Alphaville's 'Forever Young' - a favorite.  There are not many genres in which I find nothing to like. I will listen to, and enjoy, just about everything that has some musical skill involved. If it is not live, how well it is recorded has some influence.

Old technology that requires no electricity. Reading. People who are honest. Fireworks. Lightning, thunder and explosions. Walking in the forest. Stone houses. Castles. Art that shows evidence of real skill in its execution. Being above the smog. Sitting/cuddling/lying/dozing in front of a fire. Sex (of course!).  Down to earth people. The scent of gardenias, magnolias, and wisteria. Laser light and light through prisms. Crystals. Super bright LEDs. Camping. The smell of wood smoke. Watching waves. Watching people. The wind rippling tall grass. Walking under moon and star. Long hair. A good joke. The Far Side. Any broken household appliance plus any high-powered rifle. Sick humor. Alternative energy. One-on-one conversation. Real stone/wood floors. Fireworks. Drawing and designing. Listening to music. The card game Magic. Tesla coils. Montana. True sub-bass. Candlelight. Dreams. Stories by J.R.R.Tolkien and the Amber series by R. Zelazny. Fresh garden veggies. Salad. 100% cotton clothing. Birkenstocks. Small get-togethers. Stargazing. Coffee, Cherry Garcia ice cream, Frangelico, dark chocolate. Fireworks (did I say that already?).

Dislikes - Ditto

Colors: Chartreuse, yellow, orange, muddy colors like avocado.

Foods rarely eaten: Bleu cheese, beef tongue, tomato aspic, raw oysters, menudo.

I'll drink them when offered so as not to offend the host: Budweiser, Coors (except their limited run 'Winterfest' is good), Natural Light. Any beer with 'ice' in the name.

Music: Most 'rap'. Radio 'Top 40' type commercial pop/country.  Most of  Roger Waters - he's too into himself and his past. Neil Young.  Repetitive stuff like that 'I've got to praise you like I should' song - one good thing about it, it ends.

Yard work. Getting up when it's still dark. Crowds. 95+ degree summer days. Smoky rooms. Bars. Politicians and their hollow promises. Political parties regardless of platform. Body piercings. Most tattoos. Being on/over water so deep I can't see the bottom (though I'm not phobic about it). Overweightness.  Overuse of 'four letter' words. 'Daylight Savings' time. Telemarketers (one called as I wrote this!). Being lied to. Know-it-alls. People who flake out/can't keep even reasonable obligations. Nuclear weapons. Synthetic clothing, with few exceptions. Ties. Tight collars. Cookie-cutter corporate people. Knee-jerk automaton government workers. Dress shoes. Babies in movie theatres, and their nitwit parents. Most shopping. Sleeping alone. The commercial Christmas season. Big cities. Smoggy air.

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