H E A R T ' S   D E S I R E


An idea is born from the desire of your heart
The curtains of your imagination part
Penciled concept to finished plan
Test, revise, test, revise it again

The bid is won; proud of your final design
They let you start the production line
Cheaper and better and easier to use
Efficient and practical to mass produce

I the focus of your heart's desire
Walking and laughing, singing and dancing
Loving and sleeping, dreaming of everything
It is so strange that you never even knew me

In a far country under ageless stars above
You went home to those you know and love
While half a world away across the sea
Your heart's desire soon unveiled to me

By swift unfailing mechanical precision
Tested, revised, proven in action
The desire of your heart to me came winging
While you slept and dreamt of everything

There was not even an instant to wonder-
In blast and fire I am rent asunder
-to wonder how such a thing could reside
In the heart of one of my same kind

How comes such a thing to pass?
My question unanswered fades into the grass
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
My silence is golden, my blood gone to rust

An unfinished tapestry untimely cut short
Collateral damage in another forgotten report
Mass grave and funeral pyre
The essence of your heart's desire


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David McNamee  18-22 January, 3 May 2001
© 2001 All Rights Reserved