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Name:  David McNamee
Height:  5'-9" (175 cm)
Weight:  145-150 lbs. (66-68 kg)
Age:  25,126,457,614.8 miles (40,428,470,302.21 km) and counting.
         C'mon, you can figure it out, open the windows and let some sun shine in.
Metabolism: High
Eyes:  Green/hazel.
Hair:  Brown, shoulder length
Face:  Mustache and goatee.
Thumbnail photo of me...and another one!
Single?:  Yes.
Smoke?: Once as a teenager, that was enough!
Drugs?: No, and it bugs me when people ask me (mainly because of my long hair) if I want to buy or sell some.
Drink?: Not alone.
Am I a musician?: No, but I love music.
What I do for a living:  Graphic/sign and neon design/fabrication.
How long I've been doing that: Since 1977.
Where I live:  Bakersfield, California Republic, united states of America
Where I want to live: On the 20 I own in Montana.
Brainwash level: High school.
Education level: Selected college courses, books for things they don't/won't/can't teach in school, self-taught.
Sun in November feels good
Pets: A (somewhat fat) tabby kitty.
'Sign', for those interested:  Scorpio (November), Chinese: Earth Dog
Dream house: A stone castle or tower, copper roofed, powered by sun, wind, and/or water.
Dream car: They don't make a 3/4 scale HumVee.
Mama told you there'd be Daves like this...I'm not angry, the sun is bright.
The good, the bad, & the ugly: Patient. Cynical. Honest. Friend for life. Socially reclusive. Creative. Artistic. Good with mechanical things. Do-it-yourselfer/craftsman. Has common sense and uses it. Reserved. Pack-rattish. Doesn't have a television. Starts new projects without finishing previous ones. Can keep a secret. Analytical. Pensive. Politically 'incorrect'- values truth too much. Fairly intelligent. Broken lower front tooth. Selective procrastinator (lazy about some things) - catalyzed/activated by others. 'Mad Scientist'. Perfectionistic. Independence minded. Puts things away less often than does. Can read, write and SPELL. Private. Dreamer. Idealistic. Okay, I'm 43.

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