T O L   E R E S S E A

Someone there, could it be? Hope rises like the dawn
As ever it has and ever it will
Sprinting down to the shore...
Meeting in the morning on the sunlit strand

Alone in a sea of people
Is no one an island?

Welcome here, my newfound friend
Have you a while, even a day
To walk the miles with me
And talk of glories and trifles, stories near and far
On this my strange and hidden isle?

People in a sea of alone
Crowded together in solitude

Liesurely strolling the trails low and high
Breathing keen air and turning, the hidden views
Beautiful and perilous things here and there for you to see
Noon finds us down in the grottoes
 Quietly talking in the verdant green

Uncharted isle, treasure island
Secret maps, secret hopes

Will you endure long enough to find, to know
What lies behind a wistful smile?
Laughing a little in the afternoon sun
To banish the fear of awkward things
Closer things we deem to share

Wonderful isles , lovely isles
Isles of mystery, island sanctuary

Always the spectres trouble me
As the keys turn in the last locks of the heart
These are the deeps of my being, everything I am
Wondering what you see there in the sunset light
How you will reconcile my paradox

Island Beauty, isle of light
Island Beast, isle of night

Soon the shadows of stars will fall
Now that you know all of my tale
Do you see me differently now?
The moment I never forget in your eyes
You too will leave and never return

Changeling isles, cliffbound isles
Isles forbidden, isles forgotten

Standing alone on the twilight shore
Love shining faint behind my brimming eyes
Watching the fleeing sails
My heart will endure the ache in my soul
As ever it has and ever it will

And there is no solace but from Above
In the silent starlit hollows of the Lonely Isle


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David McNamee  12, 27, 28 November, 14 May 2000, 26 October 2001
© 2000, 2001 All Rights Reserved