S  E  C  R  E  T    A  D  M  I  R  E  R

Elemental forces faithfully render
Your smiling face there in the glass
So close; it may as well be a million miles
This wizardry yet another way to break a heart

My spirit unseen, unknown, a fleeting glance
One among the billions in the world
Pausing to watch you and wondering
The questions, the dreams, the impossibilities...

You the reason for my being
You discovering your missing piece
Your quest ending in my arms
You finding all that you seek

I your friend and guard
Your faithful companion and safe haven
I your lover forever
The dream beyond your glass

A moment frozen in the phosphorean glow
Piercing my heart, caressing my soul
The tempest of time gives no answers
And I weary of facing the unrelenting winds

Forces in fine opposition within me
Unyielding stillness in the strained stasis
The reality of destinies that might have been
And dreams can be the cruelest things

The glass goes dark as the link is broken
A memory of  beauty dancing in the shadows of my mind
Until I pass the doors of  Light beyond this world
I will always love you


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David McNamee   4,5 June 2001
© 2001 All Rights Reserved