Misunderstood II

Everyone knows something is wrong
Everyone thinks its everyone else
Every side lays claim to a higher power
Yet we continue destroying each other
Whether or not you're captain of your fate
In a foxhole everyone's a believer

Seems there's always some angle or pitch
To square the score or scratch that itch
Agnostic, prophetic, spiritual or scientific
 A- mono- poly- or self- theistic
Look long enough and you'll find a fit
To avoid being called on the carpet

Splintered factions and interpretation
Simple truth lost in transliteration
Religion and ritual, rules and dogma
A chorus of differences underlying the mantra-
"We are the chosen, this is the only path"
You'd think we'd have learned from the past

It should be so obvious
OHH I get so frustrated
Why you can't see it
Or won't see it
When it's all around you
You're taking it all wrong
That's not what I meant

This mountain sojourn a welcome respite
Far from the babbling madness
For this story even two sides is too many
But questions are loudest in silence
Throwing my hands up with a sigh
I don't want to believe, I want to KNOW

Transcribed suddenly across the sky
A revelation in actinic fractal brilliance
 But I cannot read the writing in the sky
In rippling thunder comes translation
Voices rolling vast across the land
Voices that I wish I could understand

Realizing I am too small to comprehend
Even the grace that protects
Somehow this much is made clear:
To see for a moment through those eyes
And hear for an instant with those ears
I would die of a broken heart


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David McNamee   8, 9, 26 October, 15 December 2001
© 2001 All Rights Reserved