E c h o

When I think of you the music comes
Welling from the spaces in my soul

Strange majestic melodies of longing
From places you have never known

A symphony, a solo, a siren song
Rippling across the endless aether

Chords and notes in patterns of desire
A signal sent ever waiting an answer

Unwritten words in unspoken tongues
Sounding out the cadence of the heart

Wondering if I will ever find you
In the chance of time and place apart

Knowing somehow a music plays in you
There in the spaces of your soul

Bittersweet songs of unfading hopes
Filling the places where I would go

Through it all a dark bell softly haunts
Had we met unknowing once before?

Tolling the tale of destinies lost
At a fateful silent moment in the score

When I think of you the music comes
On the wind your melody beckons me

And it fades into a forlorn echo
Of the music in the spaces of my soul

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David McNamee  31 August, 18 September, 7,8,16 October 2001
© 2001 All Rights Reserved