San Joaquin Light and Power Corporation was one of the first power companies here in the San Joaquin Valley in California. Merging with other companies, it eventually became the massive public utility now known as Pacific Gas and Electric, or PG&E. The old name can still be found on metal plates on older poles and towers. When I was a kid I picked up a few of these while collecting date nails, and I still have them. I liked the name then, too.
The original SJL&P Corporation is long gone, but the idea of resurrecting the name came up when, while building my Tesla Coil site, I became disenchanted with how much the front page looked like just another 'Phil N. LeBlank's Tesla Coil Site'. Also, since it was developing that the site represent the work of several people, the name should reflect that. One night when I was over at Mike Church's place he showed me an old porcelain enamel SJL&P sign he had found:
And that was it. The appeal, at least for me, is that the name has an elegant, abstract, limitless quality - '...he gave me an odd look..."gas, electricity, oil? No...", he said, as he spread his arms wide, smiling broadly. ' We have LIGHT... and POWER. How much do you want and where do you want it?"  It is old, nostalgic, from a less complicated time. Nikola Tesla's time.
But the best part is that it fits perfectly. "Light? Power? Watch this!"
- Dave McNamee