Contributors to this site have placed their work here for perusal by all. By doing this, they realize that their work is now in a 'wild' environment, and realistically have little control over subsequent use of their work.
We are not here to squabble over copyright; we are here to learn, spread it around, and have high voltage fun!
All that is asked of you, the reader/viewer, is that if you use material from this site in your own non-profit work (and please do), that you credit this site in that use, and tell us via e-mail. It costs nothing, lets us know how the work is being seen and used, and will help us in future endeavors. If you use any material from this site for a commercial use you must contact us so we can put you in touch with the actual source for proper permission or other arrangements. No Fear. Just Do It. Sleep Better. Pass Go. Thank you.
I'm using your stuff!

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