Tesla Coil Photo Gallery - Dave McNamee
Dave making a fiberglass coil form

All this work just to make big sparks!
Says he needs at least 500 more years to get all the things done he wants to do.

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8x29coil, 6x27 toroid, streamers, 4 feet to the target8x29 coil, 6x27 toroid, streamers
A Litz secondary at work. Two 12kV 120 mA transformers on .03uF.

my large coil as of Nov. 2000copper pipe flat series gap and choke coils
My present coil, and spark gap/ choke detail. The pipe sections
in the gap can be turned to provide fresh surfaces and are
easily removed for cleaning.

.063 poly 12x12, 1 mil copper, clear plex box, .02 uF
A .02 uF copper foil/polypropylene cap under construction.

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