Tesla Coil Photo Gallery - Charles Sprinkle

Charles likes to take sparks from coils more than most people.
He really enjoys it... a little too much, methinks.

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My coil - 4" x 21" secondary, .01uF 'Multi-Mini' cap (in the gap box), 15kV 60 mA neon transformer,
a blower for cap/gap cooling , homemade RF chokes, aluminum duct toroid.

Lighting a cigar the hard way - a wood dowel, held in a copper tube
and ignited by the coil current.  By the way, I don't recommend doing this!

California weather, fresh home-roasted java, and a Tesla cigar... ahhh, life is good!

An innovative scheme does double duty keeping  the capacitors cool along with the gap.
The cap boards are easily removed for repair if needed. A single nut adjusts the gap,
consisting of two 'combs' of 1/2" copper tubing , one stationary, the other movable
against spring pressure.

Pie-wound RF choke, capacitor boards, and gap pieces.

Muah-ha-ha-haaa! What fun! Don't do this either!


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