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To promote serious educational, hobby, amateur, professional, scientific, artistic and craft-related information exchange concerning the beneficial mastery of combustion in the following fields:
Propellants / Rocketry
Theatrical / Movie / Special effects
Fire art
Flame studies
Fire science
Fire control, direction, and suppression
Gas generation
To increase knowledge, safety, awareness of risk, research and progress in all combustion-related arts and sciences via networking and dissemination of information, in the original spirit of the Internet.

Pyronews' effectiveness as a resource depends solely on those that are willing to contribute their knowledge.  In this Age of Information, there is little reason for countless people to continually go over the same ground that many have trod before, rediscovering time and again, sometimes tragically, what someone else considers common knowledge or holds as secret.  Please consider sharing your knowledge, data, techniques, experiences, procedures and 'tricks of the trade' with others. The direction and ultimate success of Pyronews is up to you. Its benefits are also yours in proportion.


When implemented, this will allow readers to post questions, answers, late-breaking news, and make connections.  It will be a moderated board; 'spam' and posts unrelated to the above topics will not be allowed.  Messages that contain detrimental content, such as how to build pipe bombs, will not be posted or may be edited.  While we realize 'detrimental content' is somewhat subjective, Pyronews is not intended to be a forum for destructive information.

Anyone may submit an article or link directly related to work in the above listed topics.  All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness.  In general, articles that reflect or advance combustion-related arts and sciences, and/or benefit the public good, will be published.  However, submission of an article does not guarantee publication on this site. How to submit an article.


Information on this site is provided for educational use, and publication on Pyronews does not constitute endorsement.
The owners and hosts of Pyronews are not responsible for your use or misuse of information on this site.
Acting upon information on this site is at your sole risk and may involve hazards known and unknown.
This is a free and world-wide forum - you must determine any legal responsibilities for your use of material presented here.
By accessing or viewing other pages on this site (which also includes bypassing or attempting to bypass this page) you agree to hold the owners and hosts of Pyronews harmless.

Quote of the (day, week, month, year?)

"...the Love certain People have, of the crafting and setting of Fire-works,
is a truly unfathomable Thing.  They are best left to the Art, guided yet unhindered;
in this manner Learning, and Knowledge, and sober Method shall constantly accrue,
though not without Tribulation, as in other worthy Endeavors.
Thus are new Wonders joyfully revealed to those of more mundane Temperament."


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